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The points of contact between Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service and the grower & business communities are the NJ County Agricultural Agents. The agents are a tremendous source of information for both new and experienced growers. Visit your local county extension office.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Farm Food Safety: Traceback

Part 4 of Preparing Your Farm Food Safety Plan

- Meredith Melendez and Wes Kline

Continuing the Answering General Questions portion of your farm food safety plan, which covers the broad details of:
  • Who is responsible and how to reach them
  • Worker health and hygiene 
  • Pesticide usage
  • Traceability 
Suggested wording for traceback, which may work for your farm food safety plan, is given in this installment.

2012 Weekly Pest Maps

Kris Holmstrom has released the first pest maps of the season for European Corn Borer and Corn Earworm.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Growers Guide to Understanding DMI or SBI Fungicides

Recognizing if and when fungicide chemistries are failing and when fungicide resistance is developing is critical to producing successful crops.

In this week's Growers Guide, we discuss the DMIs (DeMethylation Inhibitors) or SBI Sterol Biosynthesis Inhibiting fungicides, that belong to FRAC code 3 - which include the triazoles and imidazoles.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cucurbit powdery mildew found in South Carolina

Dr. Tony Keinath, Vegetable Pathologist at Clemson University has reported that cucurbit powdery mildew has been found on watermelon in South Carolina. The May 7th finding is the earliest that cucurbit powdery mildew has been seen on watermelon in South Carolina in 16 years. Cucurbit growers in New Jersey need to pay careful attention to local extension reports as the pathogen works it’s way into our region.

-Andy Wyenandt

Monday, May 7, 2012

Farm Food Safety: Plan Responsibility and Worker Education

Part 3 of Preparing Your Farm Food Safety Plan 

-Meredith Melendez and Wes Kline

The purpose of the General Questions portion of your farm food safety plan is to cover the broad details of your plan. Who is responsible and how to reach them, worker health and hygiene, pesticide usage, traceability and self auditing are the topics that should be covered. Below is an outline along with suggested wording that may work for your farm food safety plan for the first two sections, the introduction and farm worker health and hygiene.
  • Food Safety Plan Responsibility - Personnel and Contact Information
  • Farm Worker Health and Hygiene
  • Pesticide Use