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The points of contact between Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service and the grower & business communities are the NJ County Agricultural Agents. The agents are a tremendous source of information for both new and experienced growers. Visit your local county extension office.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

NJAES Selected Ag Programs Calendar

Contributors: Holding a Twilight Meeting or running a Workshop? Post it yourself on the NJAES Selected Ag Programs Calendar and let other Ag Agents, Specialists, and Ag Professionals know about it. See an event you don't want to forget? Download it to your own calendar. Can't recall the date of your last group meeting? Scroll back through to find it. Keep abreast of what's happening at Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
For details email Jack Rabin.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vegetable Diseases of the Week

Sunscald injury on stems of newly transplanted pepper seedlings caused by stems laying against edges of black plastic mulch on hot, sunny days.

Note: Secondary pathogens such as Alternaria can infest the bleached out areas of the stem over time.
-Andy Wyenandt

Vegetable Diseases - Photos of the Week

Phytophthora crown rot of summer squash causing plant to collapse. Base of stems will turn soft, black with greasy, white  sporangia (spores) developing on infected stem tissue.
-Andy Wyenandt

Lettuce Tipburn

From Rutgers Plant & Pest Advisory <Subscribe>

Weather conditions over the past couple of weeks support CA research conclusions linking lettuce tipburn to environmental conditions

Severe cases of lettuce tipburn have occurred this past week in southern NJ resulting in 75+ percent incidence in some fields rendering it physically and economically impossible to salvage those plantings. This comes at a time when those fields are just ready to harvest.

--Rick VanVranken
--Andy Wyenandt

NEWA New Jersey Specific Disease & Pest Forecasting

The Vegetable Working Group teams up with Cornell University's Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) to bring disease and insect forecasting to vegetable growers throughout New Jersey. [Note left sidebar link]
-Andy Wyenandt

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Local" the hot trend in the restaurant industry

Though there's no official definition of "local" in the food industry, and there's plenty of discussion about the real and/or perceived benefits of "buying local", if restaurant chefs are any indicator, consumers want local. The results of National Restaurant Association's annual What's Hot Survey indicate locally sourced meats and seafoods, and locally sourced produce are ranked #1 and #2 in the top 20 industry menu trends, as reported in The Packer today. Indeed, I have a stack of calls from restaurant owners and chefs wanting to find "local" farmers to work with this season. So, as we know in marketing that the buyer is always right, if consumers want local, give them your best Jersey Fresh local!  -- Rick VanVranken