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The points of contact between Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service and the grower & business communities are the NJ County Agricultural Agents. The agents are a tremendous source of information for both new and experienced growers. Visit your local county extension office.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who needs Extension, anyway?

Submitted by Dr. Andy Wyenandt
From Gene McAvoy, South Florida Vegetable Pest and Disease Hotline.

"Very relevant as we celebrate 100 years of Extension."
Seaman Knapp: the Father of Extension 
So, how did this all start? How was it that this nation, rich in natural resources and vast in land, came to design a system that reached to each corner of its territory with access to education and service? ? The name behind this extraordinary accomplishment -- the name of the man whose work inspired a distinctive trait of land-grant universities and whose hands-on outreach is now replicated around the globe --is Seaman A. Knapp. During his life, Seaman Knapp was recognized for innovations that changed the course of history in America. His story is well known, especially to many in this room, yet it deserves to be told one more time.

Mid-Atlantic Pumpkin School

Mid-Atlantic Pumpkin School
to Be Held in January
The 2013 Mid-Atlantic Pumpkin School will be held at the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Office in Burlington County office in Westampton, NJ on January 18, 2013.

The location is easy to find, just off Exit 5 of the NJ Turnpike.

Experts from Rutgers, Penn State University and the University of Maryland will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice to pumpkin growers. Topics that often come up include which varieties of pumpkin grow best in what type of soil, the importance of identifying insect pests before spraying insecticide, agritourism, and the latest news about diseases that could affect the pumpkin crop in the coming year.

To obtain a copy of the registration materials see the Rutgers NJAES events website at
Go to the January 18th date and choose the event.
If you have any questions please contact Michelle Infante-Casella at 856-307-6450 ext. 1 or email at