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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Late blight found on potato in VA and DE and on potato and tomato on Long Island

All potato and tomato growers should consider adding Late blight specific fungicides into their weekly fungicide maintenance programs. To date, no Late blight has been reported in New Jersey. Weather conditions the past few days have been favorable for Late blight development. For more information on controlling Late blight please see the 2011 Commercial Vegetable Recommendations book.

For Homeowners, if Late blight is present or a threat, apply a product that contains the active ingredient, chlorothalonil, on a regular basis to help protect the plant. Always follow the instructions on the product label! The label is the law! All infected plants should be removed, put in plastic bags, and thrown out. Infected tomato and potato plants left in the home garden will act as a source of inoculum and help further spread the disease!
-Andy Wyenandt