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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New reports of Late blight in PA & Eastern Shore of Virginia - Vegetable Alert!

Dr. Beth Gugino, Vegetable Pathologist at Penn State reports Late blight has been confirmed in a commercial tomato field in Blair County and on both tomatoes and potatoes in a commerical field in Franklin County. Additional unconfirmed reports have come from potato fields in central PA.

Dr. Steve Rideout, vegetable pathologist at VA Tech reports Late blight has been found on potato on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

All commercial tomato and potato growers should scout on a daily basis and be on a preventative program and consider including a Late blight specific fungicide in their weekly fungicide program. Please see 2012 Commercial Vegetable Recommendations for more details.

Organic tomato and potato growers, as well as homeowners, should also be scouting on a daily basis and consider a preventative copper-based fungicide program.
Remember, all foliage must be remain protected!
Weather the past fews days has been highly favorable for Late blight development throughout much of NJ and the immediate region.
- Andy Wyenandt