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Friday, March 1, 2013

Solid Waste Vehicle Registration

-Michelle Infante-Casella, Agricultural Agent Gloucester County

We have received a few reports about farms being turned away from waste facilities for not having proper permits to haul waste (plastic mulch, bale covers, etc.). Some plastic films and other waste materials from farms can be brought to recycling centers set up around the state. Additionally, pesticide containers can be brought to designated locations on the scheduled times and pesticide applicators will receive one CORE point towards their recertification requirement with NJDEP. More to follow on the recycling programs for plastic films and pesticide containers.

Information below was obtained from Karen Kritz at the NJDA.

NJAC 7:26-3.1 et seq. covers the transportation of solid waste. The rule states that every vehicle transporting solid waste must be registered with NJDEP except:

  • persons transporting their own solid waste in passenger automobiles bearing general registration plates or 
  • persons only transporting their own solid waste in vehicles registered with a gross vehicle weight of no more than 9000 pounds for a single tractor or 16,000 pounds combined maximum gross vehicle weight for a vehicle pulling a trailer. 

Farmers who are transporting waste they generate themselves in vehicles not exempted above must register the vehicles with NJDEP. This registration is classified as "A-901 Exempt" and farmers are exempt from filing disclosure statements and subject to lower regulatory standards. They can secure a registration and decal for the vehicle by contacting NJDEP (609-292-7081) to schedule an appointment in Trenton and meet with staff to fill out an application. The only thing farmers need to bring is the motor vehicle registration of the vehicle to be registered, proof of insurance, and some type of documentation that they are a farmer; the FA1 form would be sufficient or take whatever will show you are a farmer and not a private trash hauler. A face-to-face interview is required by DEP. This interview is to ensure that the individual trying to secure the registration is in fact a self-generator of the waste and not a hauler who claims to be transporting only their own generated waste but who is in fact hauling waste generated by others. The registration fee for self-generators of waste is $100 for a two year period. If your waste facility is requiring this permit then you will need to go through the process and register with NJDEP.